Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hi fans! Sorry for not updating more often. Been so busy these
past few days. The toxic remixes were the last remixes from
the collection I had (Britney remixes). I have a few remixes
for other artists which ill post this week. I am working on many remixes.
Ooh Ooh Baby & Piece Of Me is my main focus right now. I am also
in a project and working on a remix for Hilary Duff's song "Happy".
Ill keep you guys posted. I dont like not being able to update as often
because I love to keep my fans happy. I will soon with those new
remixes hopefully :) . Until then, take care and
lots of love from DJ PortuX-3891. xxXx

1 comment:

GayJ said...

yay! I am so excited to hear your Happy remix! I am super pumpped for that! as well as Ooh Ooh Baby! Keep up the amazing work! You do great remixes! Can't wait for future remixes that's up your sleeve, cuz I know they will be great! :P

With Love,