Saturday, August 2, 2008

PortuX-3891 Presents : Britney Spears. Blackout Remixed
01 - Gimme More (PortuX-3891's Bitch-In-Da House Mix) ZS / MF
02 - Piece Of Me (PortuX-3891's Sunset Blvd. Paparazzi Insanity Mix) ZS / MF
03 - Radar (PortuX-3891's Fetish Masquerade Mix) ZS / MF
04 - Break The Ice (PortuX-3891's Magik Spell Mix) ZS / MF
05 - Heaven On Earth (PortuX-3891's Whispers Of Body Language Mix) ZS / MF
06 - Get Naked (I Got A Plan) (PortuX-3891's Sensual Menage A Trois Mix) ZS / MF
07 - Freakshow (PortuX-3891's Vintage Circus Freaks Mix) ZS / MF
08 - Toy Soldier (PortuX-3891's Delicious Sexual Mission Mix) ZS / MF
09 - Hot As Ice (PortuX-3891's Cold Fire In Mars Mix) ZS / MF
10 - Ooh Ooh Baby (PortuX-3891's Sexy Oxygen Rush Mix) ZS / MF
11 - Perfect Lover (PortuX-3891's Steamy Sex Seduction Mix) ZS / MF
12 - Why Should I Be Sad (PortuX-3891's Damaged Heart & Soul Mix) ZS / MF
13 - Outta This World (PortuX-3891's Song About U Mix) ZS / MF
14 - Get Back (PortuX-3891's Get Back To The Club Mix) ZS / MF
15 - Hooked On (PortuX-3891's Stripped Voyeurism Mix) ZS / MF
16 - State Of Grace (PortuX-3891's Emotional Desert Love Mix) ZS / MF
17 - Radar (PortuX-3891's Satellite On The Sky Mix) ZS / MF
18 - Break The Ice (PortuX-3891's Frozen & Hypnotized Fantasy Mix) ZS / MF
19 - Outta This World (PortuX-3891's Love On Cloud 9 Mix) ZS / MF
Enjoy! And I hope to get plenty of comments! I love
reading all of them.


Enanoj14 said...

THESE ARE AWESOME! But if you do make another cd, you could just make a new folder, put all of the songs that you want in it plus the cover, then comprese the file.
But still the mixes are awesome!

DJ PortuX-3891 said...

thanks Enanoj14! So nice of you :) yes, im uploading as we speak the whole thing in a compresed file. It will be easier hehe Any tracks you like in the bunch?

Enanoj14 said...

I really like the freakshow and both of the break the ice remixes! :D

mikey said...

Could You post instrumentals for the Blackout Remix Album or at least Why Should I Be Sad (PortuX-3891's Damaged Heart & Soul Mix) i love that mix

DJ PortuX-3891 said...

thanks Enanoj14! It was one of my last remixes. I wanted to keep Freakshow and do somethin great! Glad you like it!

Mikey, in about a week, ill be posting singles of each song heheh Ill be posting the club mix, instrumental and radio mix of each blackout mix done :) Hope you will love it and im soooo glad to hear you love why should I be sad! thank you for your kind comments!!!!

Anonymous said...


but any coverback???

20 - megamix ???


Mikey said...

Thanks DJ Portux i love all your remix's there awesome hope that you will come up with a lot more of here other tracks with your remixes. I have been waiting for someone to remix "That's Where You Take Me" and if also you have the chance try for the Demo of her for Pull It or Pull Out which ever it is, that would be so awesome.

DJ PortuX-3891 said...

Hi anonymous! I will be doing a megamix for sure :) As far as a coverback, ill make one too as soon as im back from vacation :). Thank you so much for the amazing comments!!!

Mikey, thank you so much for the support! I would gladly do a remix of those songs. Ill look into it and not disappoint you

v3p said...

How I made the album download??


Anonymous said...