Monday, January 5, 2009

Fan Requests
As I saw many requests on the chat box, I decided
to just have a whole post dedicated to you guys
answering any questions or requests :D
-Lillie: thank you so much for your amazing
comments :D. Here is the Radar remix you requested.
-Alyx : I can try but cant promise much
since im better with playing with the remixes
rather than recreating one. Ill let you know:D
For the font I used for Mannequin cover, it is
CordiaUPC Regular. Let me know if you want it.
-October189: hahah better than sex is too funny.
Im glad you love the Shattered remix. Love your comments!
Yes I think I did one remix of Lindsay Rumours
but cant seem to find it. I can always do another one?
-Allison: Here is the instrumentals you requested
-Kevin : Wow Thank you so much for your wonderful
comments and keep on coming for more
-JCoons : amnesia remix? SURE! Im actually
tryin to remix that one too.
-CZ : Here is the acapella
used for the IF You Seek Amy that EJ
wonderfuly made
-GayJ! OMG cant WAIT!
for the collection to be released.
-BOBO, Ill reply on your Shout box hehe
Thats it, its pretty much a mismatch this post
but I needed to make it for you guys.
Love you all so much, PortuX-3891

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