Sunday, January 25, 2009

ShoutBox Time!
Too many shouts on the shoutbox so I
am doing a full post just for you guys :)
October189: I cannot WAIT for the video. It
should come out tomorrow? Aww
I love the background! Its soo nice of you
Allison: Im going to do a major mega post
with the album with vocals and the instrumentals.
I might be missing some as I believe I deleted some :(
Ill try to look for them hehe. As for EJ, I dont think
he has a blog, but he can reached on
in the forum :) Hope it helps.
Bar: Sure! Here is the acapella
of Perfect Lover
Brad: Sure, ill keep in mind an acapella
post of Circus album. Ill be uploading it
once im done uploading the Blackout
remixed vocals/instrumentals :)
Jessica: Replied in your email
Guest #1: Aww thanks for the compliement
Guest#2 : Id need to have an acapella of Abba,
you have one by any chance?
Lillie: Aww god I love ya!
You made a new comment! Keep
them coming. love reading them!
Rock me in! Coming soon? ;)
Braydon: Hi buddy! Im uploading them
as Allison wanted them and I will have
them up real soon. Instrumentals &
the vocal mixes. Hope you will like them
altought ive gotten much better since then :)

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