Monday, December 28, 2009

Henry asked me on the shoutbox a really good question in which I dont think I have
ever answered and thaught maybe it would be good to answer it here.
Cheers by the way Henry, I am from Canada.
Here is Henry's question:
Hi Steve. I'm from Australia. Cheers from down under! What motivates your remixes and fan made covers? They're so inspired.
Thank you Henry, it is really nice of you.
Many things trigger my remixes and covers.
One of them and probably the most important one,
Emotions. How I feel that certain day will play a lot
on me. Another being I want different. All these mixes
out there are really cool and I respect the DJs but I want
to bring something different to the plate and whoever enjoys
my mixes sure knows what I am talking about. :)
Welcome to the family Henry


Troy said...

I will agree. You have some of the most creative album covers I have ever seen!!! The one for Amnesia is amazing! Especially with the guy in the reflection of her sunglasses! Such detail that you don't see right away. I also love the Breathe On Me cover. it's so classy hahaha!!


DJ PortuX-3891 said...

Thank you so much Troy for your review on my covers!! I try as much as possible to make it different from anything else seen as I do with the remixes. I am glad that you enjoy them and you gave me a boost to work ever harder for even better covers :D