Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow... can I be more cherished? Please visit MPAP website if you love any mixes from Madonna. What a discovery! Visit He also blogs an entry on my mixes! So nice! I have also been approched to send a Demo CD to my friend who knows someone who will be able to hand in my remixes to be played at
different clubs! AHHHHHH crazy eh?
I cant leave without mentioning my loyal
fans out there. I love you guys like crazy!
XxXX Steve

1 comment:

MPAP said...

Steve, what can I say! Thx for your words. I think when someone in this world make a work so well done like you did it, the right way is...recognize it, even for the devil!!
Please, don't stop to make such a good works!!
We also love your remixes!