Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hard Candy Remixed by PortuX-3891 (The Radio Edits)
01. Candy Shop (PortuX-3891's Raw Sugar Edit)
02. 4 Minutes (PortuX-3891's Vanilla Flavored Cake Mix Edit)
03. Give It 2 Me (PortuX-3891's Her Majesty M Radio Edit)
04. Heartbeat (PortuX-3891's Bleeding Heart Of Pain Radio Edit)
05. Miles Away (PortuX-3891's Thousand Miles Apart Radio Mix)
06. She's Not Me (PortuX-3891's Unfaithful Manwhore Edit)
07. Incredible (PortuX-3891's Sex Kills Vocal Edit)
08. The Beat Goes On (PortuX-3891's Beat The Trembling Bass Radio Edit)
09. Dance 2Night (PortuX-3891's Hypnosexual Voices Radio Edit)
10. Spanish Lesson (PortuX-3891's Yo Quiero Su Beso Edit)
11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (PortuX-3891's Drag Me To Hell Radio Mix)
12. Voices (PortuX-3891's Sewed Lips Of Redemption Radio Edit)

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