Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anybody feelin' frozen these days?
I had to remix this song because the lyrics are just
describing how I feel right now.
I finished Part 1 of the remix but I want to finish
Part 2 so i can post everything at the same time.


Anonymous said...

i'm badgirlmaddy !
i'm excited to ear this remixes and wait to see other madonna mixes or megamix from you !

MPAP said...

Where is the second part?
C'mon! Don't be lazy!!

We hope that you feel more warm!!!

Thank you for your good work DJ. PortuX-3891

PortuX-3891 said...

Hey Anonymous! Thank you!! Seems like everyone is impatient to hear a megamix from me. I haveee to do one asap! lol

@MPAP hahaha your too funny. I want this frozen part 2 to have a different feel from the first part with more effects but im working on it to have it as fast as i can promise :D