Thursday, March 3, 2011

Double Post!
ARTIST…. : Madonna
TITLE….. : Frozen (Ray Of Light Era)
REMIX TITLE….. : Black Magic Voodoo
RELEASE DATE… : March-03-2011
TRACKS…. : 04 + Cover
QUALITY… : 320 Kbps
ARTIST…. : Madonna
TITLE….. : Erotica (Erotica Era)
REMIX TITLE….. : XXX Eargasms
RELEASE DATE… : March-03-2011
TRACKS…. : 02 + Cover
QUALITY… : 320 Kbps


What the helli’s upwith you, ’telli?
walcot wants cup Villa and
Sunderland setfor summer fight
over£6m B ...
'Chelsea areNOT interested
inNeymar' Connor Wickham isfor
sale toLiverpool or Spurs,say...
German league match halted
after linesman hit by c... Van der
Vaartfitness worry Van der
Vaartfitness worry


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paullodark said...
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paullodark said...

These remixes are amazing dudde, here in Brazil there aren't many Djs as good as you...congrats!!!

Scottngbh said...

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