Thursday, May 26, 2011

ARTIST…. : Madonna
TITLE..... : Get Together (COAD Era)
REMIX TITLE..... : Prayer Of Secret Sins
RELEASE DATE... : May-26-2011
TRACK.... : 02 + Cover
QUALITY... : 320 Kbps


Anonymous said...

Hello Dj, I think your beats are really amazing...but some constructive advise... a good majority of your madonna mixes are in the wrong key of what she is have this incredible music and beat but her vocals come in and it all sounds know you can change the key of the acapellas in whatever program you mix with, Ive downloaded many of your mixes and that is one thing I notice is its hard to determine what key the song is in because the vocals and chords on the music dont match a musician so i notice this stuff...but man you mix the vocals in perfect and such great beats....thanks for your music.

mian asad said...

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