Thursday, December 27, 2012

CD1 tracklisting
01.Till The World Ends (PortuX-3891's One Last Broken Heart Mix)
02.Hold It Against Me (SteevBass Fighting On My Own Vocal Mix)
03.Inside Out (SteevBass Infatuation Disease Mix)
04.I Wanna Go (SteevBass Disconnected Headphones Mix)
05.How I Roll (PortuX-3891's Unconscious Rink Love Klub Mix)
06.(Drop Dead) Beautiful (PortuX-3891's Awakening Old Memories ReMix)
07.Seal It With A Kiss (PortuX-3891's Un Baiser Fatale Vocal Mix)
08.Big Fat Bass (SteevBass Boombox Equalizer Mix)
09.Trouble For Me (PortuX-3891's Papercut Blond Extensions Mix)
10.Trip To Your Heart (PortuX-3891's Distance Is Keeping Us Apart Vocal Mix)
11.Gasoline (PortuX-3891's Fuel Me Up Vocal Mix)
12.Criminal (PortuX-3891's Killed For Love Mix)
13.Up N'Down (SteevBass Back To House Remix)
14.He About To Lose Me (SteevBass Break Up Sex Session Mix)
15.Selfish (PortuX-3891's Broken Reflections Vocal Mix)
16.Don't Keep Me Waiting (SteevBass Subway Rendez-Vous Vox Mix)
17.Scary (PortuX-3891's Pure Suicide Scars Vocal Mix)

CD2 tracklisting
01.Trip To Your Heart (PortuX-3891's Check-In 2 My Heart Mix)
02.Inside Out (PortuX-3891's Black EyeLiner Vocal Mix)
03.Hold It Against Me (PortuX-3891's Bruised & Abused By Love Vox Mix)
04.Till The World Ends (PortuX-3891's Shredded To Tears Mix)
05.Don't Keep Me Waiting (SteevBass The Clock Is Ticking Mix)
06.Inside Out (PortuX-3891's Inner Soul Silence Main Version)
07.Criminal (PortuX-3891's Prisonner Of Your Love Mix)
08.Up N'Down (PortuX-3891's Down On My Candy Mix)

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