Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi everyone! Hows my fans doing?
I felt the need to make a post for what I have
to say. First and foremost, I am working
on both projects. The remaining Circus
tracks that must be remixed to complete
the whole remixed album and working on
the Urban Sessions V 2.0 which I am excited
about. Im working on the Amnesia track
to make an awesome remix that will bring
my remixes to a next level. Sometimes its frustrating
because I really want it to be amazing so all of you
can enjoy it. That is why this remix is not out as
of yet. I want it to be great for you guys.
Second of all, after the poll which did great
as all of you participated made me choose
Mediafire as the default website. I am so happy
and thankful all of you participated. I also
changed the layout a bit as I was getting bored
of the other. Hope you all like it. :)
Last but not least, thank you for
all the support everyone. It means
the world to me. Thank you.


ri said...

Your mixes are absolutely amazing!

I am really excited about your amnesia mix because it's one of my favorite tracks!

Ch84 said...

awesome thanks!!!!

v3p said...

És Português!

só agora é k vi! lol

Como é k se faz o download das faixas todas de um album sem ser uma a uma?

Bom trabalho.