Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Return....
My fans! I am so happy to be back. These past
few months have been hectic but I am now
strong. I read some of your wonderful msgs
and I was thinking about you guys and
thank you to BritFan for the updates on
my case. I didn't want anyone to get worried.
Stay tuned as this is now a new journey.
New layout. Hope you all like it.
New remixes coming really soon.
Love you all, PortuX-3891


william. said...

Welcome Back Eh!..

nic said...

welcome back, bb! happy to hear you're ok!

DJ PortuX-3891 said...

Awww thank you Nic and william!!! Im so happy to be back!! I am already on a roll... im remixing My baby which will be out this week maybe tuesday or wednesday.

william. said...

I like the ones that don't ruin the song.. especially Quicksand and Unusual You, you should definitely re-do And Then We Kiss.. I thought that one would have sounded awesome but it was kinda crapp - just trying to help :D